The Wives of Rice Farmers!


With the 2016 Rice Harvest well underway it’s time to give credit to the most important support system a farmer has…his wife (her husband) or significant other. Without such support a healthy lifestyle would not be possible.

Thank you to all the wives, husbands, moms and dads for supporting the farmer in their family.

Full Transcript:

Hi, I’m Clara Sligar, Matthew Sligar’s wife and this is our daughter Elena.

Say, “my name’s Levi.”

My name’s Levi.

Your face is dirty.

My name is Joan Sligar. My husband is Jim he’s a rice farmer and Matthew is my nephew.

My name is Ashley Stone and my husband Andy is a rice farmer.

I’m Levi.

And the little one is Lincoln. I know Matthew from high school.

…Matthew from high school.

Hi, I’m Hilke Sligar and my husband’s name is George Sligar. And we are the very lucky parents of Matthew.

Good morning. It’s 7:30 in the a.m. Day 17 of rice harvest and I’m off to work. Just kissed my wife and baby girl goodbye. They’re still sleeping. I’ll be home late this evening.

Good evening. It’s about 7:30 in the p.m. Just got home from work–successful day of cutting. Long. Tiring.

This is our third rice harvest together.

I’ve been through 33 harvests with him.

This is the seventh harvest.

Forty-third rice harvest.

You know, when I first started Rice Farming TV I figured I’d keep my personal, family life private.

The difficult part about harvest is definitely the long hours. But for me personally it’s a big change in life because I moved here to Gridley from a big city in Brazil. And that definitely makes the hours go by a little slower.

They work from sunup to sundown and there aren’t any set hours so you never know when they’re gonna be home. That’s the hardest.

The hardest part about harvest, when the days drag on, is just juggling our family’s hats solo. Usually Andy’s my co-pilot so doing everything alone is quite trying at times.

Being away from my very funny husband. I miss him and also having to take over his chores.

Soon I realized that if I did in fact do that, keep my family life private, then I would miss out on sharing and giving credit to one of the most important support systems I have as a rice farmer: my wife.

The way I help the family during harvest is keeping the house in order, taking care of the baby.

If need be I can run parts for them. At the drop of a hat the phone call comes and I’m out the door.

The basic would be obviously to stock the fridge and pantry with fun food items for lunches and snacks.

I keep his laundry clean, I cook delicious meals.

I cook the meals. We also have two sons that farm so I cook for them also during this busy time.

My mother-in-law and I both like to take special treats out to the crew every once in awhile.

…and being very happy when Matthew’s at home.

…and I’m a sounding board for him for when he gets home. He looks forward to seeing me.

I try to limit my nagging when Andy walks through the door. I want him to want to come home after those long days in the field

Me and Elena are very happy when he’s at home.

My wife works as hard as I do during harvest to ensure that we have a healthy lifestyle. Without her that would not be possible.

What keeps me optimistic during this time of harvest is to know that pretty soon we’re going to be in Brazil, enjoying the sun, the beach the summer, the family down there.

I just know that there will come an end to this harvest and we will have some free time together.

Knowing that it’s just a season. I love this season actually. I think it’s, like, God’s greatest work–the beautiful sunsets and the changing of the leaves. And knowing that it will come to a close.

Knowing that the end is in sight. It’s not going to be too much longer. Both of us are really looking forward to our trip to Europe.

That keeps me pretty optimistic.

So this episode is dedicated to my wife and all the wives of rice farmers. I’m happy for you to meet her and other rice wives who are close to us–family and friends. To get their perspective on harvest.

Hang in there baby.

I’m so grateful that he has a passion for rice farming. He’s a great family man.

We love and appreciate all his hard work.

Keep on working because I really want to remodel our bathroom.

And we love him.

I love you daddy!

Pretty soon we’re going to be in Brazil–enjoying and relaxing at the beach!