Tractors are Out of the Barn | A Quick Tractor Video!


In this tractor video we are working on our chisel implements, preparing for spring planting. We use the tractors and chisels for tilling the soil on our rice farm. The chisel rips the soil deep, exposing it to the air, allowing the earth to dry out quickly.

That’s right! The tractors are out of the barn as the weather begins to warm up. We’re getting closer to the planting the 2019 rice crop here in Northern California.

Here are some links of other tractor videos that take place during this time of the year during the crop cycle:

“14 Hours of Planting Rice!” – follow me during a normal day during the planting season. We have all our tractors running hard to put the crop of rice in.

“How Rice is Planted in California” – an overview of how we plant rice here in Butte County, California. A step-by-step explanation of the planting process, the tractors we use and the implements we need.

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