Rice Harvest in Virtual 360º Action!


The 2017 California rice harvest is presented to you in virtual 360º video!

Time Stamps for you to skip around the video if you’d like:
Start: Introduction to viewing 360º video.
01:42 Title Cards
02:00 Starting Engine
02:35 Leaving Equipment Yard
03:46 In the Rice Field
04:00 Engaging Separator and Adjusting Settings
05:27 Starting to Cut Rice
07:35 Explaining Header Controls
08:09 Explaining Engine Load
11:08 Q&A: How Often do You Sharpen the Sickle Blades?
12:23 Q&A: Any Black Crowned Night Herons in the Rice Fields?
14:32 Pointing out Bankout (Grain Cart)
15:13 Unloading Rice into Bankout
16:40 Bankout Leaves with Load of Rice
17:06 Q&A: Do You Need a Spotter When You Start into a Field?
18:30 Special Shout Out
18:52 Q&A: How Much Does the Moisture Affect the Price?
20:44 Q&A: Can You Explain How to Drive a Harvester and Bankout?
21:53 My Lunchbox
22:49 Thanks for Watching, Share, Subscribe and Like

I’m operating a Class Lexion R585 harvest combine with a 20′ Honey Bee Header. We are harvesting medium grain rice in the northern Sacramento Valley (Richvale, California).

Down in the comment section are time-stamps. If you like, skip around the episode.

Out in California we call “grain carts” bank outs. Same concept just self-porpelled. We do have a grain cat hooked up to a Case 260 but that was shadowing our other combines at a different rice field. We also have a John Deere 9660 CTS and CTS II harvest combines.

Notice we don’t own any single rotor combines. This is to avoid issues they have faced with rotor loss.

Full Transcript:

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