Rice Experiment Station Field Day!


The 2016 Rice Experiment Station (Biggs, California) Annual Field Day was awesome! It’s the only Rice Experiment Station in the United States and perhaps the largest in the World.

The field day was held on August 31st just weeks before rice harvest. It’s always an informative capping off the growing season.

Full Transcript:

Film has the Oscars, music has the Grammys, sports the ESPYS. The rice industry has the  annual Rice Experiment Station Field Day. Where everyone are winners because the folks here at the Experiment Station and UC Davis are progressing rice varieties and advancing weed, pest and disease control for rice.

And today, for me, serves as a place-mark that harvest is nearing. We still have a lot of work draining the fields but it’s really nice to get a break and see what exciting stuff is happening here at the Rice Experiment Station. Let’s go check out the field day!

Welcome in the Rice Station!

You gotta enter through the gift shop huh?


How’s it going Matt?

Going good man. Matt is the Plant Breeding Nursery Manager. Matt, how’s the field day shaping up?

Oh, it’s coming along. You guys are starting to roll in.

We’re going to check out our crossing bench in here. It’s going to be a little warm and humid. It might fog up your camera. This is newly crossed seed that we produced. New hybrids. And then we create these crossed seeds.

Alright Matt, thanks a lot man. That was a cool tour of the nursery.

No problem. Well, I hope you have a good day and we’ll check you out later.

Cool. Sounds good man. Thanks a lot.

No problem.

Matt’s a really cool guy. I see him alot because one of our rice fields borders the Experiment Station so it’s really cool talking to him and getting to know what’s going on over there.

Great, disease resistant rice varieties. We like the sound of that!


I’m I going to be on Rice Farming TV?

You’re on!

This is Ray Stoggsdil, the nicest guy at the Rice Experiment Station. Seriously, I went to school with him so I should know. Ray, what are you doing here?

So, today–I work for the university, I take care of the state-wide variety trials. So the station develops new varieties and then the university tests those varieties out at 8 different locations throughout the state.

You got a lot of responsibility my man.

Thank you.

It’s hard being such a nice guy with so much responsibility huh?


Hey, have a good one!

Thank you.

This is the California Rice Commission booth. They handle regulatory issues so that rice farmers can do what they do best–farm rice. They’re also essentially the public relation for the entire rice industry so I would love to work with these guys for Rice Farming TV. Let’s go see if we can find somebody.

Hello, Matthew Sligar.

Tim Johnson with California Rice, I’m the CEO.

Cool! Hey, I’m producing those videos–Rice Farming TV.

I saw those yesterday! Awesome videos!

Oh good, I’m glad you liked them because I was hoping to somehow work with the California Rice Commission in spreading the word about premium medium grain rice and also how rice farmers provide a nice habitat for waterfowl.

Very cool, we couldn’t be happier. In fact we think some of the most effective communications we have are actually growers shooting videos and talking about what they do really from their point of view. It’s what people are interested in. Your stuff was great, out in the field.

Oh, cool!

All the stuff at your shop with Rice Farming TV that was really, really compelling.

Cool, I’m glad you enjoyed it. And I don’t know, I look forward to working with you guys some how in the future.

Should be super. I think you’re going to get more of us then you care for. So…

Hey, that’s fine with me!

Uncle Jim, you ready for harvest?

I am ready for harvest. I can hardly wait!

You got your lunch packed?

No, I don’t have my lunch packed.


Oh, no! I’m at home editing this video and just realized that I essentially took a selfie with Kent McKenzie the director of the Rice Experiment Station, the head honcho, the man. My phone was set to photo setting rather than video setting so I took the picture and then we started talking into the phone for two minutes when it wasn’t doing anything. So now all I have is this photo and a photo from Jim Morris, from the California Rice Commission, who took a photo of me taking a photo with Kent McKenzie and talking into the phone.

Anyway, I hope I get invited back next year. Back to the video.

And Joe Richter has set a very high bar–126.9!

Hey Joe!


What’s up? Hey this is the yield contest winner! Congratulations man.

Thank you.

What’s your secret?

Um, no secret. I think we were lucky to do the yield contest on a year that just really had great growing conditions.



126 sacks an acre. So you’re saying I can do it too?


Cool man, thanks for your time. Enjoy the day!

Okay, thanks. You too!

So where are you guys from?

From Japan.

And you made the trip out here for the Rice Experiment Station Field Day?

Yes, that’s one of them.


We are interested in ICT issues in rice farming.

ITC issues?

Information Technology.

Nice talking with you guys, okay.

You driving?

Yes sir!


How you doing?



Hey, how’s it going?

Good. How are you?

Good. Good. Hi!

Took the bus to an offsite location. Let’s check it out!

Thank you brother.

Heading back to the Experiment Station. Jumping back onto the buses.

Welcome back everybody.

Thank you.

Where you from?

Here, Gridley.

Oh, nice.

What about you?

Kind of down south!

One more!

Yeah, one more. Sorry.

That’s okay, I was just checking.

Have a great day.

Yes, you do the same honey.

Okay, heading to the trucks. We’re going to take a look at the fields that are around the Rice Experiment Station right now.

How you doing?

Alright, now it’s time for the best part–lunch.

This is Kenny Collins we buy our rice seed from him. Excellent guy. Kenny what’s your favorite about the Rice Experiment Station?


I think the worst thing about filming this is I’m basically the last person in line.

I am the last person in line.

Thank you!

You’re welcome. Enjoy!

Hey, see you later Matt!

See you Eric!

Well guys, rice field day is over. Awesome to see family, friends, make new friends and of course learn all about what’s going on here at the Rice Experiment Station.

And of course–exiting through the gift shop.