This is Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada!


Lake Tahoe, located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range boarders both California and Nevada. We enjoy keeping Tahoe Blue! For years our family has visited during the winter months for skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. It’s beautiful during the summer months too. You can bike ride, kayak, swim and all types of outdoors adventure sports.

This year is a special visit because it’s Elena’s first birthday! We ski at Heavenly Ski Resort in South Lake Tahoe.

It’s a nice weekend trip that will become a rarity as spring planting will begin shortly. Then we’ll be totally busy with rice!

Full Transcript:

Today’s a very special day. It’s Elena’s first birthday!

And we’re here in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, enjoying the sun and the snow.

Clara’s parents have come up from Brazil to visit. My parents are here. We’re having an amazing time.

Herzlichen zum Geburtstag Elena!

Happy birthday Elena. German style.

Ja voll!

One thing I learned about being a dad is at the beginning I was trying to do everything to prevent baby Eleninha from crying. Now, it’s not enough. Now I’m doing everything in my power to make sure she’s laughing and smiling and just having a lot of fun.

You having a lot of fun?

Lake Tahoe is nestled within the Sierra Nevadas. And it’s really interesting to think that when the spring and summer months heat up this snow is going to melt, trickle its way down to Lake Oroville and eventually into our rice fields.

See you later buddy.

And whether you visit Lake Tahoe in summer or winter months there’s always tons of stuff to do.  Yesterday Clara, my mom and I we went skiing. And it’s a beautiful day for it. I haven’t been skied in 20 years. But it’s just like riding a bicycle, luckily. Clara’s first time.

We’re at the summit, which is about 10,000 feet high. Here’s my mom.


We’re about to hit the slopes.

I’m not too sore from the slopes. Probably because of all that shoveling I’ve been doing during our winter draining process. Hashtag cropfit.

And today I’m super excited because we’re going to hit the trails on some snowmobiles.

These snowmobiles just about have it all. Just missing one thing…

All in all I think Elena had a great first year of life. She definitely had fun this weekend for her birthday party. I know we all certainly did.

Thanks for watching guys. We’re heading back down the hill, hop back in the rice fields, continue working on the equipment. So I’ll see you next episode. Thanks for watching.

Where’s me? Where’s me? Where’s me? Where’s me? Pops!