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This is Joinville, Brazil!

This is Joinville, Brazil!

The 2016 rice harvest is over, the fields have been chopped, disc and mowed–the straw ready for winter decomposition. The harvest equipment, mainly the harvesters, have been cleaned and repaired. Everything around the rice fields and shop is ready for winter break. AND SO AM I! So, we’re off to Joinville, Brazil to pass the holiday’s with Clara’s (our) parents, family and friends!

Full Transcript:

Bem vindo ao Brasil!

After 2 car rides, 3 flights and over 24 hours of total travel time we arrived. Let me show you that in about 24 seconds…

Going up.

One more hour flight.

We arrived.

And it’s awesome to be here! In episode 8, back before rice harvest, I gave myself a pep-talk to help me get through the long, grueling workdays, explaining that this vacation would be right around the corner. And bam! Here it is folks!

We are in the south of Brazil. The city of Joinville in the state of Santa Catarina. The birthplace of my wife, the city of my in-laws and our second home!

Two coincidences about Clara being from Joinville–it was largely colonized by Germans (my mom is German) and on the outskirts many rice fields surround the city…I hope to show you guys a rice farm or two in a near future episode. For now, I’d like to introduce you to Joinville.

I’m not sure what your preconceived notions of Brazil are but I hope they’re good because it’s a beautiful country filled with beautiful people who are also super generous.

Joinville is not the capital of Santa Catarina but it is the largest city.

The name Joinville is actually named after the town of a French Prince. This territory given to him in 1843 as a wedding gift after marrying Brazilian royalty in Rio de Janeiro. Princess Francisca of Brazil. Not a bad deal. They never visited Joinville though.

In 1850 the French Prince went broke…

Where you going?



…and sold the land to a German Senator Mathias Schroder. Schroder was a member of a group of Germans who helped attract immigrants to move and colonize Brazil.

From 1850-1888 Joinville received 17,000 German Immigrants.

This is the city center and Rua Das Palmeiras or Palm Tree Street. At the end of the avenue is the Royal Palace that was built in 1870 in honor of the French Prince and his wife. Now it serves as the Museum of Immigration and Colonization of Joinville.

You can see a lot of German influence in architecture here as well as the culture, the food, the drink and I hope to show you guys a whole lot more of that during our Brazilian Christmas vacation of 2016.

Thanks for watching guys. See you in the next episode.

Battery died. Now it’s time to take a shower and get something to eat.