This is Iguaçu Falls, Brazil!


With our winter vacation coming to an end we take a mini-trip within Brazil to Iguaçu Falls. What a beautiful sight it is!

We have had such a great time during this trip, visiting Joinville, Curitiba, Itaguaçu Beach and now Iguaçu Falls. It really pays off to work super hard on the rice farm throughout the planting and harvest so that we may spend this quality family time traveling.

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Full Transcript:

Well, our winter trip is almost over so we’re taking advantage of one more mini-trip. We’re at Iguaçu Falls where Argentina and Brazil meet.

There’s about 240 waterfalls here, the highest being 26 stories tall. Let’s take a closer look.

Now we’re going to get a different view of the falls.

Let’s get something to eat?

So, right now we’re in Bird Park–all kinds of tropical birds and reptiles. Absolutely awesome.

Just so awesome! It’s almost as if it’s their natural habitat. Really cool park here.

This is bar far the most impressive bird park I’ve ever been to. We’re in the home of these birds. Absolutely amazing.

Over half the birds here in the park were rescued from mistreatment of illegal trafficking. Right?

Today we’re on the Argentinian side.

I highly recommend visiting Iguaçu Falls. It’s just an impressive assault on your senses. The sight of so much water. The sound of the crash, the feel of the mist, the smell of untouched nature it’s just awesome and inspiring actually.

So thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you back in California.