Harvesting Rice in Virtual 360º Action! | Harvest 2018


Come along on this virtual tractor ride and let’s start harvesting rice! Experience the 2018 California rice harvest in virtual 360º action. You control your perspective.

Watch me cut rice or watch me explain. Look out one window at the scenery or out the other and watch me unload freshly harvested rice into a bank-out wagon.

Here are the timestamps and descriptions of segments if you want to jump around this 360º video:

• 00:00 – We’re leaving this ranch and I introduce the video.
• 01:35 – I show-off cut fields and explain what we do with the rice straw after harvest
• 03:42 – We meet Pops at the bridge but he takes off with the header.
• 06:12 – I point out my uncle & cousin’s grain bins.
• 07:10 – The harvest combine makes it to Highway 162 in Richvale.
• 08:00 – We arrive at our new rice field and attach header.
• 12:00 – The header is hooked-up so we remove the transport accessories.
• 13:50 – We are ready to start harvesting but I first check the machine’s settings.
• 15:45 – I finally start cutting some rice!
• 18:10 – Good news and bad news…
• 18:30 – I explain why we can’t harvest in the rain as raindrops start to fall. We’ve got to stop.
• 20:50 – Should I do a 360º Bank-out video?
• 21:50 – We’re back in action now that the rain has stopped!
• 23:14 – Now we are really harvesting rice.
• 24:05 – How to determine if rice is ripe enough to harvest.
• 27:18 – I unload freshly harvested rice into our bank-out wagon.
• 29:20 – Oops! Spilling rice!
• 31:14 – That’s a big pile of rice.
• 32:09 – It’s tough cutting on the “roll-over”.
• 34:05 – I unload rice into the bank-out as I harvest rice.
• 36:26 – The moisture reading comes in and the rice is not ripe enough. We need to stop harvesting for the day (again).

The 360º Camera used to film this episode of Rice Farming TV is the 360 Fly 4k.

In the video I’m operating a 2006 Claas Lexion 585R with a 20′ Honey Bee Header.