Harvest Tractors are Out of the Barn | A Quick Tractor Video!


The harvest tractors and equipment are out of the barn as we are preparing for the 2019 California rice harvest. This is going to be an epic tractor video, kids!

I’m going to give you an equipment tour of our harvest tractors and explain what we did with that school bus that I’ve been teasing.

Some tractors you’ll find in this episode:

• Case 260 Magnum pulling a grain cart • Case 340 Magnum pulling a plow chisel • Case 260 Magnum pulling a tillage disc • Claas Lexion 585R and 750 each with a 25′ Honey Bee Header • John Deere 9660 CTS Harvest Combine with a 21′ Honey Bee Header • Four different self propelled bank-out wagons (grain carts) …and much, much more!

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Thank you for watching!