Gridley Little League Baseball!


Rice Farming TV sponsors the Gridley Blue Jays, supporting Gridley Little League Baseball. I would love to coach but since the baseball season starts during rice planting season it’s impossible. So this sponsorship is the best I could do to help out.

I have great memories of playing Little League Baseball when I was a child. It taught me great character building qualities like good sportsmanship, being a team player and communicating with others.

I definitely wanted to get over to the ballpark and watch at least one game this season before the heavy workload with planting rice begins. I had a great time, the players, coaches and fans were all awesome and supportive of each other.

Full Transcript:

You know I have super fond memories of little league baseball.

Here I am, 11 years old on the Braves, Gridley Little League needed some sponsors so I decided through Rice Farming TV to sponsor a team.

The team I’m sponsoring this year is the Gridley Blue Jays so, Let’s Go Blue Jays! They’re getting the field ready.

The teams are warming up.

The Blue Jays are the visiting team so they will be up first.

I got the scouting report as well, the first game the Blue Jays won by quite a large margin. However this team the Yankees should be quite a test for our boys in blue, let’s check it out.

It’s bottom of the third, Blue Jays just had a great inning. They’re up 5 to 3 right now. Kids I highly recommend being in some sort of competitive organization, whether it’s sports, band, choir, debate. Putting yourself in front of an audience and winning, losing, this emotional character building is super important for anything you guys do in the future.

So the Blue Jays just had a tough bottom of the third inning, but I heard the greatest thing ever. The team started getting down on themselves and I heard one of the players saying “Hey guys don’t fight, we’re on the same team”. Great sportsmanship.

The sun has set, the Blue Jays did not win by points but they did win because they came together as a team, the coaches had a great huddle afterwards with an enthusiastic pep talk and again I can’t stress enough, kids if you’re watching please join sports! It’s an awesome character building experience. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is becoming a strong person and knowing what it’s like to have a teammate and friend who’s always going to be with you whether you win or you lose. Thanks for watching guys.

This Gridley Little League was so fun to film, it brought back a lot of fond memories. Now in regards to actually farming rice, it rained off and on all week, the second week in April. The forecast calls for more rain the third week. So we are just kind of sitting on our hands waiting to see what happens. We’re definitely not farming unfortunately. Thanks for watching guys, have a great day.