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May 20, 2022
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The Gridley Herald! My Hometown Newspaper!


The Gridley Herald is the newspaper I grew up reading. How awesome it is to be featured weekly in the web-edition of the paper. Since the conception of Rice Farming TV, Editor in Chief Lisa Van De Hey has been super supportive. She agrees that the episodes of RFTV provide a community service by educating the general public on what’s happening in the rice fields that surround our small agricultural town in Butte County.

The Gridley Herald announced this sentiment on the front page of the paper’s print-edition:

Gridley Herald Butte County Rice Grower

With the help of Seti Long, Gridley Herald staffer, a new episode of Rice Farming TV is published every Friday morning in the online version of the newspaper. Since our first meeting she has been very accessible and helpful, ensuring that this happens.

Gridley Herald Rice Farming TV

It has been very rewarding receiving this exposure within the community because the feedback from individuals at the local gas station, grocery store and post office have been so positive.

Thank you, Gridley Herald!

Back to Rice Farming TV in the Press.

The following is the full story from the front page editorial (print edition):

“Sligar’s “Rice Farming TV” on gridleyherald.com”

We here at The Gridley Herald are excited and pleased to announce the premier of Rice Farming TV, a new weekly blog and video segment on our website gridleyherald.com.

Born and raised in Gridley and a 3rd generation rice farmer, Matthew Sligar combines his charismatic personality, wit, engaging creativity and passion for farming rice to produce one quirky look at what all goes into rice farming. Filmed and produced while he is out in the fields, Rice Farming TV provides an informative narration and play-by-play of the daily happenings in the rice industry, from planting the initial seed to reaping the harvest.

Sligar’s goal is to increase awareness of award winning, premium medium grain (sushi grade) rice that is produced in our area and state. In doing so he puts a fresh face and zaney spin on the agricultural product that is RICE. Each week will feature a new episode and topic hosted by Matthew himself.

Thoroughly entertaining and educational, Rice Farming T.V. is not to be missed! We urge you to join in the viewing fun every Friday. Enjoy!