This is Gridley!


Before harvest, with the last bit of free time, I ride my bike through downtown Gridley for a meeting at the local newspaper The Gridley Herald.

Gridley, California–Butte County, some call it God’s country. I call it home. Born and raised. Moved away for awhile but came back. Highway 99 runs right through it.

Gridley is the four stop-lights between Yuba City and Chico. Stop for gas, food or coffee. Visit for a great community, Grey Lodge and the Butte County Fair. Large rice farming community.

Full Transcript:

Wish I was cycling right now!

I suppose this is going to be a bonus video this week; since I’m leaving work now and this content is not going to have much to do with rice fields. However I will say that, the days leading up to harvest, it’s important for the rice farmer to take care of any personal things–chores around the house or activities that they’d like to do. Because pretty soon we’re just going to be stuck in a cab, for about a month and a half, cutting rice. Not that there’s a problem with that. It’s just not going to be too active nor allow time to do any personal things.

Also seeing that dude cycling around this morning has really inspired me and I want to jump on my bike. Which works well because I have a meeting at the local newspaper, The Gridley Herald, later this evening. It should be an interesting opportunity to help promote Rice Farming TV.

The newspaper is located in downtown Gridley which will give me the cool opportunity of sharing my community with you, riding through downtown and showing you some of my favorite houses that are down there.

Alright guys, I’m going to head in now. I’m going to turn the camera off just to be polite at the meeting. I’ll check back in afterwards.

Thank you guys!

Well guys the meeting went great. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to get ahead of myself. But what I will do is finish out the evening on a nice little bike ride. See you guys later.


Okay, boom! Right there! On the slider, Rice Farming TV. Matthew Sligar, promoting the California Rice Industry with weekly videos. What’s happening this week in rice. How cool is this! Whoa, big logo. Draining, Physically Draining video. Episode 3 embedded right there–a little description about the video. How awesome is this! It’s a start. It’s a real good start.