My Freshly Milled Rice!


For those of you who followed Rice Farming TV through the crop year and watched how rice is grown now you can follow the grain from the rice fields to your table.

On Rice Farming TV you have watched the crop dusters seed the rice and now it’s been harvested. One last step before it reaches your table–milling it down to either brown rice or white rice.

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Full Transcript:

Check it out! These beautiful 2 pound retail bags of my white and brown rice are now available!

Today I’m going to continue milling some of my freshly harvested 2017 California medium grain rice. And I think it’s really special that you all have followed me through this year’s growing season:

You watched me drain the winter water off the fields in February. In April you were there as we broke ground and prepared the fields for planting. We heard the buzz of crop dusters applying the seed in May. We admired together as the rice grew beautiful and green throughout the summer. Finally in September and October we harvested the the crop and were rewarded for the hard work.

Now, I’ve set aside some of my rice to be milled fresh for you!

The number one comment on the Rice Farming TV YouTube Channel is your interest in trying the rice you’ve watched grow.  

“I would LOVE to try some of that rice, please!”

“Where can we buy your rice, Matt?  My mouth is watering!”

“Would love to have some freshly milled rice to eat!”

“I wanna try your rice, really well done video!”

“Please I would really like to try RICE FARMING TV’s RICE…”

I’m so grateful firstly that you are all interested in how rice is grown but that you also want to try my rice is really, really special to me.

So let’s start milling and filling more of these bags of rice!

Pardon the interruption but as I was editing this video I came to the realization that in order to put this rice into this bag it required a year’s worth of hard work out in the rice fields. But to give me the confidence to put this rice into this bag really is a year’s culminations of working on Rice Farming TV and receiving your feedback, interest and desire of trying my rice. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know that I’d be doing this. And so now I have this opportunity to follow my rice to the end–to your table. And conversely you have the opportunity to trace back how this rice got to your table. So before we get into the milling process I would just like to say, thank you.

Back to the video…

Follow me as we follow the rice from the field to the mill and into this exterior hopper–up the auger and up into the mill.

Let’s take a closer look.

Rough rice or paddy rice in the raw. Let’s start to mill it down and remove the hull to produce brown rice. Later we’ll run the rice again to remove the bran and produce white rice.

Now let’s package this rice up and capture that sweet nutty aroma.

And there you have it, I’ve got several bags of my white and brown rice ready for shipment.

I’m not milling too much because I want to make sure this reaches you fresh. And fresh it is! Just harvested and just milled!

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I hope you found the milling process of today’s rice interesting. Please give me a thumbs up if you liked this week’s episode of Rice Farming TV. Thanks for watching and eat well!