Farmer Explains How Rice Krispies Treats are Made!

Everyone loves these little crispy marshmallow squares but few know how Rice Krispies Treats are made. Rice Krispies Treats farmer, Matthew Sligar, provides some insight into planting and harvesting these delicious little treats.

For a behind the scenes look at how I made this video please watch: World’s Largest Rice Krispies Treats Farmer: Behind the Scenes!

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Full Transcript:

My name is Matthew Sligar, and I’m proud to say, that I’m a third-generation Rice Krispie Treat farmer.

My grandaddy was a Rice Krispie Treat farmer, my daddy was a Rice Krispie Treat farmer and I’m just happy to be carrying on the family legacy and tradition of snapping, crackling and popping out these delicious treats.

The most rewarding part of being a Rice Krispie Treat farmer is certainly harvest. The hard work we put throughout the crop year is represented in these delicious little crispy marshmallow treats.

The most demanding part of being a Rice Krispie Treat farmer is in the spring when we prepare to put in a new crop. We only seed with high-quality Rice Krispies Cereal; and then let nature run its course.

Rice Krispie Treat farming is not for everybody. Me, I was born to do it.

Mmm, nothing like a freshly harvested Rice Krispie Treat.