Farm Hats!


The many hats I wear as a rice farmer. These hats are figurative and represent the various skills needed to be an excellent farmer. The different hats a farmer wears also extend off the farm and out of the rice fields. At home a farmer wheres a variety of other figurative hats that represent how to be a good family man, hobbyist, advocate, community member and more.

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Full Transcript:

This is my farmer’s hat. It’s the hat that I wear when I’m farming. It’s my work hat. In this episode I want to explore farmers’ hats.

A farmer wears many different metaphorical hats.

Me for example, as a rice farmer, I need to know plant biology to nurture young seed in the fields.  In the shop I need to know mechanics for tractor operation and repair. I need to know mathematics for water irrigation and accounting. I need to be familiar with chemistry for responsible pest management applications. Heck, I even need to be familiar with human anatomy as I’m doing physical labor out in the rice fields. Hashtag cropfit. These are all different metaphorical hats that I wear on the farm.

Outside the rice farm, at home, I where many different other hats. I’m a husband. A father. A son. A lawnmower. A home brewer. I’m a vlogger. An advocate for agriculture…or agvocate.

Now matter, at home or here in the rice fields I wear these metaphorical hats with pride, like many farmers I know do.

I wear this hat when I’m cheering for my basketball team.

I use this hat here when I want to show the love I have for Brazil.

And you’ve literally seen me wear this hat in nearly every episode of Rice Farming TV. But I want a new hat. I want a hat that is going to represent my dreams, my desires, my goal to be a better farmer, to be a better husband, to be a better father, to be a better son, to be a better vlogger. I want a hat that educates. I want a hat that inspires, that shows my pride for what I’m doing with Rice Farming TV. I want a hat that should give you pride when you watch Rice Farming TV.

My name is Matthew Sligar. This is Rice Farming TV and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for watching, subscribing, sharing, liking, commenting. However you show your support, thank you! Now let’s get to work.