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Farm and Country Radio!

Farm and Country Radio!

Ty Higgins, producer and host of Farm and Country Radio, selected me for The Featured Farmer segment of his nationally broadcasted radio program. Listen to the interview here:

It was great talking about rice, ranging from planting practices to the current market position. Gratefully, he also highlighted Rice Farming TV. 

Farm and Country Radio

Higgins’ 20 years of experience in country radio and farm broadcasting shines through his thoughtful interviewing technique; it was such a pleasure speaking with him.

Farm and Country Radio is broadcasted throughout Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa and Illinois–states that do not produce rice. It was gratifying to reach an audience within those areas of the United States that may not otherwise seek out information about the rice industry.

On the Farm and Country Radio SoundCloud station, Higgins had this to say:

“America is a great place to be a farmer, and there are many types of crops that can be grown in the U.S. So far here on Farm & Country Radio we have introduced you to corn and soybean growers, a pickle farmer, a pumpkin grower, livestock producers from pigs to cows to bison, but did you know that rice is grown in this country? Get to know Matthew Sligar from Gridley, California. He and his family know all about rice production, so much so that Matthew has started Rice Farming TV. Learn about his farm, the new TV channel that’s all about his crop and the current state of the rice market.”

Thank you, Farm and Country Radio!

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