Increase Yields by Eliminating Rotor Loss!


Can the Estes RPR Concave System stop rotor loss for California rice? Many farmers have tried aftermarket solutions to prevent rotor loss in their single rotor harvest combines. Could this be the cure that increases yields and cutting speed?

Full Transcript:

I just got back from Indiana where I was off to see a man about some concaves.

As I was driving through the beautiful, historical little town of Frankfort, Indiana I recognized, as you know, Rice Farming TV is about educating the public on how rice is grown WHILE, indirectly supporting the rice industry as a whole…including, I hope, my fellow rice farmers. HOWEVER this opportunity here in Indiana, I think, may DIRECTLY help farmers across California.

You see, I was invited to CM Welding, home of the Estes RPR concave system by the owner Mr. Don Estes himself.

Now, in this episode we’re going to meet Don, an entrepreneur and inventor who has had a great, positive impact within the Ag Industry. We’re going to get to know his product, the RPR concave system and learn about a concerning issue affecting modern day harvesters.

So, let’s take a look around the ranch and meet Don.

Before Don Explains to me the specs and advantages of his RPR concave system let me explain to you, my non-farming audience, the issue with harvest combines that he claims is being resolved with his system. It’s quite simple really and it’s referred to as rotor loss…or grain that is unable to be separated from straw and essentially spit out the back of the harvester onto the ground–lost.

Don’s RPR Concave System is built for both John Deere and Case Single Rotor Harvest Combines. And he has been selling for all crops, everything from carrot seeds to corn, throughout the US as well as abroad. He’s been featured on shows like American Farmer and AgPHD. I’ll leave the links to those segments down in the description box for a complete overview of his system, insight into the manufacturing and testimonials from happy farmers.

But what’s the system? Well the John Deere set, for example, includes 2 threshing concaves, 1 separating concave, 3 adjustable cover plates (allowing you to customize for whichever grain you’re harvesting) and 7 disrupter lugs.

What are concaves? They encompass the underside of the harvest combine’s rotor. The rotor spins at around 700 RPM threshing the crop–separating, in our case, rice from straw. The rice falls through the concaves. Therein lies the issue of rotor loss–when the crop is not properly threshed it gets entangled within the straw and, again, spit out the back of the harvester–lost.  

So what does Don’s concave system do to prevent rotor loss and therefore increase yield potential and cutting speed? Well, it’s easiest explained by the RPR acronym of which the system is named.

The First R stands for Restricted Flow. Each threshing concave has a 90º notch that forces better threshing by restricting flow of the crop. Now, this is important for rice farmers, Don has just recently added a 1/8” precision hardfacing, done by a robot welder, on the leading edge of the notch, which should lend itself to higher durability.

The P in RPR stands for Progressively open, where the crop comes in– the concave bars are ⅞” apart, at the belly of the concave they’re an 1” apart up the left side 1 1/8” apart. This progressively open spacing provides a total of 68% more opening so grain can be separated quickly.  

And the final R stards Round bar with the patented notch which gives a cleaner thresh but alleviates plugging.

Also important to note are the Disrupter Lugs that are bolted into the separating grates which cuts and fluffs straw during threshing–also helping in the separation.  

And that’s the Estes RPR Concave System which is available for John Deere S & STS models and Case IH 88 and Flagship series.

It all sounds really good and the testimonials support the claims. After flying me out to his shop, it’s evident that Don is confident, especially now that they’re hard-faced, that this system will work for rice. But without seeing this system run in California rice I can’t confidently endorse this product for California Rice.

Luckily Don’s confidence translates into generosity and he is willing to ship out, for free, the RPR Concave System to a California rice farmer under simple terms. If it works and the farmer sees the prevention of rotor loss, as advertised, he can buy the system and quickly see the return on investment. If the system does not work or the farmer is unhappy then Don will gladly accept the concaves back–no charge.

Let me know if you have any questions about that. I’m definitely interested! to see So let’s get these concaves in a California Rice field and see how they work. I can’t accept them because we don’t have any single rotor combines at the equipment yard–in an attempt to avoid the rotor loss issue associated with single rotor combines. But you can bet I’ll be there when these are put to use! So expect a follow up episode of Rice Farming TV with the results of the Estes RPR Concave System and California Rice.

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