Old D7 Caterpillar Bulldozer does Farm Work in this Tractor Video!


Pops and his old D7 Caterpillar bulldozer do farm work in this tractor video. It’s the second week of tractor work and ground preparation for the 2019 California rice crop.

The D7 Caterpillar bulldozer is actually a crawler tractor with an attached bulldozer blade. It was built in 1938 and has been on our rice farm for three generations of our family. This tractor video is packed with action around the rice farm.

After using the chisel plows the John Deere 8640 and Case IH 340 Magnum both pull Case IH 770 tillage discs. The Case IH 7240 pulls a “ridger” to help build back up our leaves in the rice fields. The old Johne Deere 7520 is still parked though.

I also provide a brief history of crawler tractors from World War 2, helping with construction efforts and to more presently helping with tillage work on farms.

I hope you enjoy the plant 2019 tractor video!