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October 4, 2022


The ‘Technology’ episode list for Rice Farming TV.

Check out the ‘Technology’ episodes of Rice Farming TV that include cutting edge developments in precision farming practices and the future of agricultural equipment:

Increase Yields by Eliminating Rotor Loss!

Can the Estes RPR Concave System stop rotor loss for California rice? Many farmers have tried aftermarket solutions to prevent rotor loss in their single rotor harvest combines. Could this be the cure that...

My New Autonomous Agriculture Drone!

This autonomous agriculture drone can spray herbicides and pesticides to any crops, but it's amazing seeing it over the rice fields. With a mobile base station and monitor you only need to select your...

Yamaha RMAX Agricultural Drone!

The Yamaha RMAX unmanned helicopters are designed for a wide range of industrial and research applications. In today's demonstration we will witness the agricultural drone apply herbicide to a rice field. This may be...