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March 19, 2019

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The complete episode list for Rice Farming TV.

Check out all the episodes of Rice Farming TV that cover everything from how rice is grown, family travels and life as a rice farmer (outside of the fields):

A Missed Call from the Future!

Anxiety before rice harvest? Yes! Looking down the double barrel of long, grueling 14 hour days--7 days a week--with every day the possibility of...

Talk to the Hand Sample!

 With Rice Harvest nearing a farmer can gauge whether or not the crop is ready to be cut by taking a hand sample. Rice...

This is Gridley!

 Before harvest, with the last bit of free time, I ride my bike through downtown Gridley for a meeting at the local newspaper The...

Harvest Equipment, Check!

 As the rice fields are draining we have completed working on our harvest equipment. The combines, bank-outs, trucks and trailers are all ready to...

Rice Experiment Station Field Day!

The 2016 Rice Experiment Station (Biggs, California) Annual Field Day was awesome! It's the only Rice Experiment Station in the United States and perhaps...

Draining, Physically Draining!

Drain, rice fields drain! Putting in the hard work to get the water off the rice fields so that we can start harvesting. Timing...

Milking the Rice!

 As harvest nears we need to check the filling progress of the rice heads in order to determine when to pull water off the...

Rice Farmer Thinks He Can YouTube!

WELCOME TO RICE FARMING TV! New videos weekly. Please subscribe! Rice Farming TV aims to promote California grown medium grain rice through educational and dynamic weekly...




This is Joinville, Brazil!

The 2016 rice harvest is over, the fields have been chopped, disc and mowed--the straw ready for winter decomposition. The harvest equipment, mainly the...