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September 22, 2018
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Virtual 360º

The ‘Virtual 360º’ episode list for Rice Farming TV.

Check out the ‘Virtual 360º’ episodes of Rice Farming TV that include amazing looks at how equipment is used in the rice fields. It’s as if you are riding along with me inside the cab, allowing you to look where you want:

How to Drive a Tractor in Virtual 360º Action!

Learn how to drive a tractor with me during the 2018 rice planting season. Enjoy this tractor ride on the rice farm while we pull behind us a plow chisel. This is the first...

Rice Harvest in Virtual 360º Action!

The 2017 California rice harvest is presented to you in virtual 360º video! Time Stamps for you to skip around the video if you’d like: Start: Introduction to viewing 360º video. 01:42 Title Cards 02:00 Starting Engine 02:35 Leaving...




This is Joinville, Brazil!

The 2016 rice harvest is over, the fields have been chopped, disc and mowed--the straw ready for winter decomposition. The harvest equipment, mainly the...