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October 12, 2019
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Rice Farming TV in the Press!

Check out some of the press coverage Rice Farming TV has received for a deeper look into how rice is farmed, inspiration for the vlog and my background before I started advocating for agriculture:

AgWired of ZimmCast New Media!

Chuck Zimmerman, President of ZimmComm New Media, reaches the far corners of the internet with news from the world of AgriBusiness. I was fortunate...

California Ag Today | Radio Broadcast!

California Ag Today's Farm News Director, Patrick Cavanaugh, has an infectious energy that is both positive and enthusiastic. His engaging personality cultivated a relaxed atmosphere...

Ask the Farmers | I Won a Film Contest!

Ask The Famers, a resource website created by the AgChat Foundation, connects consumers with the farmers that produce their food. In November of 2016 AgChat and...

A Notícia | Joinville’s Daily Newspaper!

A Notícia is the main newspaper of Joinville serving the city's population of nearly 600,000 residents. In the January 5th, 2017 edition of the...

Farm and Country Radio!

Ty Higgins, producer and host of Farm and Country Radio, selected me for The Featured Farmer segment of his nationally broadcasted radio program. Listen to...

Rice Farming Magazine!

You know the phrase, it's nice to put a face to a name? Well, upon meeting editor of Rice Farming magazine, Vicky Boyd, it...

The Gridley Herald! My Hometown Newspaper!

The Gridley Herald is the newspaper I grew up reading. How awesome it is to be featured weekly in the web-edition of the paper....

California Rice Commission!

Since Rice Farming TV's first uploads, the California Rice Commission (CRC) has been extremely encouraging and supportive. I first met Tim Johnson (CEO) and...




How Rice is Harvested in California!

California Rice harvest 2016 has begun and the harvesting will not stop until the rice is in the barn! Take a high-definition, up close...

This is Joinville, Brazil!