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November 25, 2022
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How Rice is Grown

The ‘How Rice is Grown’ episode list for Rice Farming TV.

Check out the ‘How Rice is Grown’ episodes of Rice Farming TV that include everything about the production process of rice in California. Watch how rice is grown from planting to harvest:
tractor mudding

Tractor Mudding: Stomping California Rice Straw!

Let's go tractor mudding! In this tractor video we are stomping rice straw in winter flooded fields. Yes, the 2019 rice harvest is over and we must deal with the remaining rice straw in...

Straw Baling | Four Straw Balers in the Same Field | Tractor Video

In this tractor video we'll learn all about how rice straw is baled. The baling operation featured is comprised of 4 MT635B Challenger tractors, each pulling a Claas 5300 RC Quadrant straw baler. Also...

Yield Loss During the 2019 California Rice Harvest!

During the second half of the 2019 California rice harvest we started seeing some yield loss. In this harvest video we'll look back through the crop year and find the reason why we're harvesting...
Claas Lexion 9600 Harvesting Rice

Claas Lexion 8600 Harvesting Rice | 2019 California Rice Harvest!

During the final days of the 2019 California rice harvest I visit my family farming friends to check out their Claas Lexion 8600 harvest combine. During the visit I interview grandfather, father and son,...
2019 California Rice Harvest

The John Deere 9660 CTS Returns! | 2019 California Rice Harvest

The 2019 California rice harvest has kicked off here in the northern Sacramento Valley. Our three harvester combines will be cutting rice: the John Deere 9660 CTS, the...
girl drives tractor

My 3-Year-Old Daughter Learns to Drive | A Tractor Video for Kids!

In this tractor video for kids I teach my 3-year-old daughter how to drive our Case 340 magnum. She has not always enjoyed riding in tractors so to...
harvest equipment rice

Harvest Tractors are Out of the Barn | A Quick Tractor Video!

The harvest tractors and equipment are out of the barn as we are preparing for the 2019 California rice harvest. This is going to be an epic tractor...
California rice fields

Farmers being Human Backhoes in this Tractor Video!

We are human backhoes in this tractor video. That's right, shoveling mud and pulling rice plants and weeds from our water boxes. It's that time of the season...
agriculture drone

Agriculture Drone Mapping with my New Quantix Hybrid Drone!

Today we're going to do some agriculture drone mapping with my new Quantix hybrid drone. The drone has two 18 MP cameras that can collect both high resolution...

How to Grow Rice in the Great California Desert!

A lot of people think California is a desert and water should be used for something better than growing rice. Even if the state has excess water?