Making a Splash for California Rice!


Back from Brazil and into the rice fields! We need to remove the water from the fields now that the rice straw has had time to decompose. It’s important to dry the fields quickly and thoroughly so that we may get the tractors and equipment in there to start breaking up the ground. This is the first step in planting a new crop of rice.

Full Transcript:

Back in California, back in the rice fields and back to work!

Remember back to Episode 15, titled “Rice: The Environmental Crop!”? I was at this exact same location at this field explaining why we flood the field with water to help decompose the straw. The fields have been like this, flooded with water, during our winter vacation there in Brazil. So we did a pretty good job of decomposing the straw.

What we need to do now is get the water off the field so we can get the equipment on it and break up the ground, work it up, to get ready for planting. It takes a little bit of work. #cropfit

Whew, the water’s a little bit chilly.

Okay, good flow. Now, I’m going to go around the fields and continue the draining process by pulling boards and shoveling mud out of boxes. But there’s a couple things I want to show you back at the shop. So I’ll meet you guys there.

Okay guys, we’ll continue the draining in the next couple of weeks. Now I wanted to take a break and share some awesome things with you.

But first of all, we really enjoyed our time down there in Brazil. Family and friends, thank you so much for the hospitality. Everytime we visit I make new friends and strengthen bonds with old friends. So just really awesome.

I wanted to share something with you, I don’t know if you know this, my “This is Joinville!” video, Episode 18, kind of went mini-viral down there and I got attention from a lot of people and one of which was the main newspaper which is called A Notícia. It serves around 600,000 people from Joinville and I made the cover!

Inside the newspaper there’s this really cool article about how a California guy finds some cool things to do while visiting Joinville. And I’ve translated this article, which is obviously in Portuguese, into English and it’s on my website. I’ll leave the link down in the description box. So you guys can check that out.

I’m wearing my hip-boots right now. These are my normal boots. I bought these in 2012 and look what happened. The sole kind of came out. I live on my feet. I live in these boots and I’m in water, I’m in mud, I’m in straw, I’m up and down, moving all around and they’ve lasted so long. I love these boots. This is not a paid advertisement or anything but if you guys want high quality boots you gotta go with Red Wings. Look at these. Ahhh. I love the merlot color. You’re going to see me styling in 2017 guys. Look at that! Thanks guys for doing good work with good boots.

You guys remember back to Episode 7, “Talk to the Hand Sample!” it guest starred Vicky Boyd the editor of Rice Farming Magazine. She did a story on Rice Farming TV and myself. And that story is now released in Rice Farming Magazine and it was in the mail waiting for me when I got back from Brazil. And I got to first say, thank you Vicky and thank you Ashley, the layout designer because…that’s pretty awesome. I mean the cover of Rice Farming Magazine! This is crazy!

Look how the title of the magazine is the same orange as my beard. So awesome!

Anyway, I’m going to leave the link to this article down in the description so you guys can read the entire magazine if you want. And of course read the piece on myself and Rice Farming TV. Also included in the article are some other awesome content creators. Oh, there’s my Halloween prank video if you guys haven’t checked that out.

Vicky! Awesome meeting you! This is such an awesome surprise! Rice Farming Magazine!

So guys, that’s what I wanted to share with you right now. I’ve got to get back to work. Let me just show you one other thing here. We still have all the harvesters put away. And right now…you can see that we have the tractors out that’s going to be pulling the implements when we start breaking ground and preparing to apply seed. Of course we gotta wait until the water gets off the field so we can get the tractors and equipment into the field.  However, I’m going to give you a little bit of a teaser for next episode because you might be asking: well, what do you have the bankout outside for? Harvest is over, what do you need to carry rice from one location to another.  

Well, we’re going to be using this bankout in just a little bit and you’re going to have to wait and see until next episode. Thanks guys for watching. I appreciate it! I’m going to get back to work. You guys get back to work. Have a great day!