Farmers being Human Backhoes in this Tractor Video!


We are human backhoes in this tractor video. That’s right, shoveling mud and pulling rice plants and weeds from our water boxes. It’s that time of the season for our rice crop. We are draining our rice fields in preparation of harvest 2019.

This isn’t your typical tractor video because there are no tractors. Just us–doing the work that tractors would otherwise do, except they can’t enter the flood irrigated fields.

If you’re interested in a real John Deere Tractor video watch this one: “Quick John Deere 7520 Tractor Video: Mostly Fertilizing Rice Fields”

Or watch how we seed our California rice fields by airplane: “Seeding California Rice by Plane in this Air Tractor Video”

The 2019 California rice crop is looking beautiful, we’re excited to start harvest and ready for real tractor work on the farm!