Pops Finds a New Pet!


As we continue to prepare the rice fields for flooding and flying on the seed–we finish by grabbing scoops of dirt with the vintage Massey Ferguson front-loader. When front loading and moving dirt you never know what you’re going to find.

The loose dirt is placed on each side of our rice boxes so that we may use it throughout the planting season. The dirt helps seal our rice boxes (dams) so that we may effectively control the flow of water through the rice fields. It’s all about precision irrigation when planting rice and implementing pest management applications.

Full Transcript:

Hey guys! What’s the scoop?

Today as we continue the groundwork on these rice fields to prepare for planting. We’re going to be scooping a lot of dirt. So much dirt, I have no need for that shovel, because I’ll be using the front loader here.

So now that the rice fields have been chiseled twice and disked once we’re going to take advantage of that real loose dirt and get some scoops with the front loader and put them on each side of the boxes.

And we really want this nice, loose dirt because we’re going to be using it throughout the growing season. Now eventually once ground work has been completed we’ll apply the fertilizer and start flooding the field, and of course we control the level of water throughout the entire rice field through our rice boxes. As we place the boards through the slots we can create a dam and thus control the flow through each check.

Now in case these little dams leak we have this nice, fresh, powdery dirt to seal them off and effectively control the level of water in our rice fields. Now when scooping up dirt you just never know what you’re going to find. I always hope for buried treasure.

However in this case, it’s a bullfrog.

Grab it!

I don’t want to grab it, it’s gonna to jump off and it’s gonna die.

Freddy the Frog.

Eh, it gets lonely on the tractor sometimes.

Don’t worry people, no frogs were harmed during the filming of this episode. So thanks for watching, hit the subscribe button if you haven’t done so already. I appreciate any comments, likes and of course share this if you enjoyed it and please check out my e-shop to help support RFTV. Have a great day!