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September 22, 2018

I'm now the World's largest Rice Krispies Treat farmer after my last video. This is the behind the scenes/making of that video. Check it out if you haven't watched "Rice Krispies Treats Farmer Explains How Rice Krispies Treats are Made". In this episode of Rice Farming TV I'm going to take you through the thought process, pre-production, filming and post-production...

How Much Rice Can One Plant Produce?!

Due to the size of our rice farm I've never considered how much rice can one plant produce. I always calculate in acres. I know who much a single rice field can yield but...

5 Favorite Birds Found in California Rice Fields and Farms!

Jim Morris tells us his 5 favorite birds that are found in California rice fields and farms. Jim is the communications manager of the California Rice Commission and frequently photographs birds and wildlife across...

Dissecting a Rice Plant in Search of its Head!

In this episode of Rice Farming TV I'm going to dissect a rice plant in search of its head. The rice fields have made quite a bit of progress as they are in the...

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I’m a third generation California rice farmer, husband to a supportive wife and daddy to an awesome daughter. I enjoying sharing my experiences both in and out of the rice fields. I hope you enjoy!




Rice Farmer Thinks He Can YouTube!

WELCOME TO RICE FARMING TV! New videos weekly. Please subscribe! Rice Farming TV aims to promote California grown medium grain rice through educational and dynamic weekly...

Milking the Rice!

Draining, Physically Draining!


The Difference Between Brown Rice & White Rice!

 I get this question a lot: what's the difference between brown rice and white rice? The answer is, in short, nutrition--and that's based on...

This is Joinville, Brazil!


A Promo Collaboration with Fans of RFTV

The USA Rice Federation requested that I do a promo video about myself and Rice Farming TV for the "Rice Storytelling" panel in which...