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January 22, 2018

World Travel

The 'World Travel' episode list for Rice Farming TV.

Check out the 'World Travel' episodes of Rice Farming TV that, predominately take place out of the rice fields. Come along with the family as we take time off and travel around the world:

The Oroville Dam Disaster!

Once the Lake Oroville Spillway was damaged due to erosion and a collapse the Department of Water Resources (DWR) greatly reduced the flow of water leaving the Oroville Dam. With rain and runoff entering...

This is Iguaçu Falls, Brazil!

With our winter vacation coming to an end we take a mini-trip within Brazil to Iguaçu Falls. What a beautiful sight it is! We have had such a great time during this trip, visiting Joinville,...

How Rice is Farmed in BRAZIL!

Joinville is located in the second most southern state of Brazil, Santa Catarina. This is how they grow rice in the region. It's a bit different than back home in that the ground, due...

This is Joinville, Brazil!

The 2016 rice harvest is over, the fields have been chopped, disc and mowed--the straw ready for winter decomposition. The harvest equipment, mainly the harvesters, have been cleaned and repaired. Everything around the rice...

This is St. Louis, Missouri!

While taking a break from Rice Harvest my family and I spend the weekend in St. Louis visiting friends. We did a lot in a short time: - Forest Park - Children's Science Center - St. Louis...

The Mile High Surprise!

This weekend's rain forces us to take a break from the 2016 rice harvest--our first break in several weeks. Unfortunately months ago Clara booked, for herself and Elena, a flight to St. Louis, MO...

This is Gridley!

 Before harvest, with the last bit of free time, I ride my bike through downtown Gridley for a meeting at the local newspaper The Gridley Herald. Gridley, California--Butte County, some call it God's country. I...




How Rice is Harvested in California!

California Rice harvest 2016 has begun and the harvesting will not stop until the rice is in the barn! Take a high-definition, up close...

This is Joinville, Brazil!