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May 27, 2018
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How Rice is Grown

The 'How Rice is Grown' episode list for Rice Farming TV.

Check out the 'How Rice is Grown' episodes of Rice Farming TV that include everything about the production process of rice in California. Watch how rice is grown from planting to harvest:

Tractor Work Gears Up on the Rice Farm!

Tractor work starts on the rice farm thus kicking off the 2018 crop year. We are breaking ground with our tractors, prepping the soil to plant rice seed. We are running a Case Magnum...
From California Drought to Flooded Fields

From California Drought to Flooded Rice Fields!

Northern California rains raised flood concerns and definitely delayed our rice planting season! We went from California drought to flooded rice fields. At one time, with no rain, we were worried about having enough...

Welding Project: Repair Cracked Chisel Plow!

We have a big welding project on our cracked chisel plow that we need to repair before spring planting begins. The plow chisel is the first implement we use to break ground so it's...

Tractors are Ready to Plant Rice but Where’s the Water?!

Our tractors are ready to plant rice but without much rain we have to ask: where's the water? Here are 3 key Ingredients for planting rice in California: tractors, dirt and water. 1. Tractors: I'm...

How a Harvest Combine Works!

How do Harvest Combines work is a question I get a lot during rice harvest. I'm always too busy to explain, in more detail how our harvesting machines work. Before we put in this...

The 2018 California Drought and Farming without Water!

Is the 2018 California drought a reality? Over the winter there has been little to no rainfall thus far. With all this dry weather is California back in a water crisis? There are many...

The Rice Fields My Shovel Made!

These rice fields are a muddy mess and need a lot of shovel work. Yes, the old shovel--a rice farmer's best tool. After rice harvest, throughout the cold northern California winter, these rice fields...

2018 Rice Harvest | How Rice is Harvested in Brazil!

Learn how rice is harvested in Brazil during the 2018 rice harvest. I'm in Joinville, Santa Catarina driving down Rodovia do Arroz (Rice Highway), through the Villa Nova rural district of the city, looking...

Big News from the Rice Fields!

Big News from the rice fields as we prepare for our winter break. I'll be speaking at this year's USA Rice Outlook Conference on a panel titled "Rice Storytelling"! Also in this episode I...

My Freshly Milled Rice!

For those of you who followed Rice Farming TV through the crop year and watched how rice is grown now you can follow the grain from the rice fields to your table. On Rice Farming...




My New Autonomous Agriculture Drone!

This autonomous agriculture drone can spray herbicides and pesticides to any crops, but it's amazing seeing it over the rice fields. With a mobile...

This is Joinville, Brazil!