My local television news station, Action News Now, picks up and airs a portion of my Halloween Special: “Putting the TRICK in “Trick or Treat!”.  Watch the short segment of the November 2, 2016 news broadcast here:

Watch the full episode of my Halloween prank here: “Putting the TRICK in Trick or Treat!”

Action News Now covers local news in northern California including Chico, Redding, Oroville and, of course, Grildey. Having my video featured in the broadcast provided such awesome exposure for Rice Farming TV and for that I’m truly grateful.

Full Transcript:

…And a funny video by a Butte County rice grower is spreading like wildfire on the internet. We’ll show you why.

Gridley rice farmer has posted a hilarious video online of a prank he pulled on little trick-or-treaters this Halloween night. Instead of candy he offered them uncooked brown rice.

This is brown rice. Would you like some?


Sure, go ahead.


Hi! Hi guys. Do you know what this is?


Trick or treat!

Happy Halloween.

You know what this is?




Okay. Wait, what?

Want some?


You know what this is?

It’s rice. Is it rice?

Yes, you guys gotta cook it for 15 minutes okay?

I’m going to tear off your head.

It’s uncooked and then you can season it anyway you want.

Oh my goodness.

You guys have to cook it for 15 minutes okay? Well the kids were pretty good sports. Even those who politely declined Matthew Sligar’s offer they still got Halloween candy when the joke was over. Sligar shared the prank on Rice Farming TV. He is a third generation rice farmer born and raised in Gridley.

I think I’d like brown rice in my Halloween trick or treat bag.

Just cook it for 15 minutes.

Cook it for 15 minutes. Still ahead in sports the Chico State women’s basketball team is getting set…


Pretty Awesome!

Thank you, Action News Now!

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